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Use Landscape Lighting to Beautify Your Home After Dark

From backyard barbecues to late-night stargazing, landscape lighting allows you to use your outdoor space after the sun goes down.

Landscape Lighting

Well-lit pathways and entryways make it safer for guests to navigate the yard, reducing the risk of tripping over skateboards or dog toys. Illuminating a trellis or other structure from two sides creates a dramatic effect. Visit for more information.

Many people believe that landscape lighting is strictly for aesthetics, but it can do more than beautify your home after dark. It also improves safety around your property. Well-placed outdoor lighting deters burglars by making your house and yard more visible. It can even encourage you to use your yard for previously forbidden activities, like exercising, dining, lounging, or swimming at night.

Illuminated walkways and paths help you avoid tripping or falling, which could be dangerous for young children or elderly family members. This is especially true if trees, shrubs, or bushes cast shadows on these areas. In addition, a poorly lit entryway can be a hiding spot for intruders or a welcoming place for predatory animals looking for small pets to prey on.

The human eye is an amazing instrument, but it doesn’t do very well in the dark. It can take a long time for your eyes to adjust, which is why it’s so easy to trip on unseen roots or steps after the sun goes down. This is particularly hazardous when you’re carrying groceries or other heavy items. A well-placed path light or a set of tasteful flood lights will give you enough illumination to safely navigate your backyard or front porch after dark.

A well-lit house and yard discourage burglars because it’s harder to sneak up on a well-lit property. It also helps prevent visitor accidents by illuminating walkways and steps. If your visitors aren’t used to walking in the dark, a little lighting can make them feel more at ease and safe when they visit your home after dark.

A professional lighting designer can help you choose the right fixtures for your landscape and plan out your layout before installation. This will save you time and money during the actual installation process. Your landscape lighting expert will also be able to help you choose the most energy-efficient bulbs and reduce your electricity bill. They will also be able to help you determine the number of fixtures and wattage per line on your transformer so that you don’t overload it, which could cause your lights to dim or turn off completely.


Often overlooked, landscape lighting is an effective security feature. Not only does it deter burglars by making your property look occupied, it also illuminates potential trouble spots such as walkways, pathways and steps. This reduces the risk of guests tripping over anything from a dog’s ball to a rake or skateboard someone left lying around and can even help your guests safely enter and exit your home at night.

Choosing the right lights for your project will depend on the effect you want to achieve and what types of areas you need lit. For example, floodlights are ideal for illuminating large spaces with a wide angle of coverage while spot lights can be focused to dramatize an interesting-shaped tree, plant or water feature. A popular technique is silhouetting which is done by shining a light behind an object to create a shadow effect that highlights its shape and form.

In addition to enhancing the safety and security of your yard, landscape lighting can also highlight features that make your home unique or that you love. This could be a fountain, pond or garden area, a patio, pergola, deck, favorite trees or anything else you would like to highlight. You can also use accent lights to highlight a specific element of your home’s exterior such as a doorway, window or entryway.

When it comes to deciding what type of lights you need for your project, keep in mind that landscape lighting is usually low voltage which is safer than line voltage lighting and can be wired as a DIY project. This means there is little or no risk of electric shock and the wires can be run underground without any significant cost. Line voltage systems on the other hand, require a licensed electrician to install and have a much higher risk of shock should anyone come into contact with them.

Another security advantage of landscape lighting is that you can have it set to turn on automatically at dusk using a photocell or astronomical timer. This can be particularly useful if you don’t always feel safe walking to your car or home at night.

Curb Appeal

Your home should reflect your personal style, and landscape lighting is a great way to add visual appeal. When used correctly, it can highlight architectural features of your house and draw attention to eye-catching landscaping elements like trees, shrubs, flowers, fountains, statues, and more. It can even help to create a sense of depth and drama in your yard by illuminating dark spaces that would otherwise be difficult to see at night.

Curb appeal isn’t just about increasing the number of people who want to buy your home; it also helps make a good first impression on visitors and guests. Using lighting to showcase your architecture and landscaping is an easy way to create curb appeal and add visual interest to your property, especially when it’s done with energy-efficient LED lights. For example, placing a light at the base of a tree and pointing it upward will accent the feature and draw attention to it as a focal point in your landscaping.

Another easy way to improve your curb appeal is by adding path lights along walkways and stairways. This helps prevent slips and falls, which are much more likely to occur in the dark. Additionally, it helps deter burglars and other unwanted intruders by making your property less attractive to them. They’ll be more likely to move on to the next property if they can’t easily find yours or if they have to struggle in the dark to get to your door.

Lastly, it’s important to choose quality fixtures, so you can be confident your landscape lighting system will last. VOLT offers professional-grade fixtures made from copper or solid brass, which will patina beautifully over time and resist rust. Choosing inferior fixtures made from aluminum will result in a dull finish that can wear off quickly, requiring you to replace them sooner than necessary.

With all of the safety, security, and curb appeal benefits, you can’t go wrong with a landscape lighting installation for your home. It’s a smart investment that will pay off year-round, brightening the darker winter months and creating ambiance and safety in your outdoor living space in the summer.

Enjoy Your Yard After Dark

Your landscape can be even more enjoyable when it’s lit up after dark. The right lighting highlights the best features, guides you safely through your yard and gives you a new perspective of your favorite plants and hardscapes. It can also help to deter trespassers and vandals by creating an intimidating barrier and adding to your property’s overall security.

A great way to make the most of your landscape after dark is to add path and walkway lights. This makes it easier to get around, especially if you entertain guests or have children who roam the yard after dark. It’s also a great way to show off your pretty landscape features, like water features, colorful flower beds or the architecture of special trees.

Mood lighting, on the other hand, can be used to set a romantic or dreamy atmosphere for your garden and home. It uses techniques like moonlighting, which washes light over a large area to create the illusion of a full moon. It can also be used to highlight specific features, like a tree or sculpture, with shadow effects.

The two biggest goals of any landscape lighting design are safety and beauty. Safety is easy to achieve, but balancing beauty can be more difficult. A professional landscape lighting designer can help you find the perfect balance for your Powell River property.

One of the most effective ways to enhance the appearance of your home is to use lighting to draw attention to the best architectural features. For example, a professional can add lighting to the front of your house that highlights the stucco’s texture and the beautiful windows. They can also install lighting under the eaves to create an inviting glow that welcomes visitors.